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Industrial Tanks, Chemical Tanks of capacities starting from 1000 liters , only available with Sintex industries along with STP tanks, plastic tanks, pvc tanks, pvc water tanks, blow mould tanks , rotomould tanks and septic tanks which saves water and helps us support Swach Bharat Abhiyaan.
Distributors , C& F and wholesalers of best pvc tank company Sintex , providing water storage solution for years to household as well as industries, with wide range of product multilayer to triple layer tanks with price range starting from Rs. 4/-
Water Tanks supplier in West Bengal for Sintex tanks made of pvc/plastic which is durable and warranty for years
Distributors of No.1 plastic tank manufacturing company who are pioneer of pvc tank for portable and drinking water use
No.1 multilayer plastic tank to store water at room temperature which does not get hot and keeps water cool for long because of triple layers that prevents Ultraviolet rays and sun rays.It of course comes from the best plastic tank house SINTEX