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Source Water Tanks online from reputed Brands at best prices There are a number of brands in the water tank industry but none is like Sintex and these come in various colour options like black, blue, yellow etc. The triple layer tanks come with an extra layer of protection. Sintex Tanks : Sintex water tanks are rust proof, lightweight and a durable alternative to traditional water tanks. Sintex water tanks come at an affordable and budget friendly price and are available in various sizes. You are assured piece of mind with low maintenance requirement after installation. Sintex water tanks are tested and approved by leading laboratories, industries and institutions and are available in various capacities from 200 litres to 25, 000 litres. Larger capacity tanks can be supplied based on customised requirement. To refer to prices and pricelist of Sintex water tanks, browse through our Sintex Water Tank Collection. water tanks uses modern technology wherein three different parts are joined together and made into a single mould leading to a tougher long lasting solution. To refer to prices and pricelist of water tanks, browse through our Water Tank Collection. Largest Assortment of Water Tanks. Cheapest Price Guaranteed! In order to cater to the growing demand for online purchase of building materials and services, Kedia Polymer presents one of the largest ranges of construction material and home renovation products at reliable prices while ensuring genuine quality. Water Tanks buying is very convenient at Kedia POlymer. Select the brand of Water Tanks online and choose the relevant product based on the convenient filterable brand attributes and place your order at the indicated price. The various categories of products available in are overhead water tanks, underground water tanks (SUMPS), FRP water tanks, PUF insulated water tanks and Panel water tanks among others. You will receive genuine quality material at the pre-determined price at the right time at your indicated delivery spot. Why source your Storage Water Tanks online from Kedia Polymer only? Storage Water Tanks come in various product assortments and it can be daunting to evaluate product and price parameters. Consult Kedia Polymer for your buying requirements for the right Water Tanks pricing and we will ensure that you get the best help possible. Kedia Polymer is a one stop shop for all your building material and construction needs online and will do our best to help you procure your construction materials at the right price and quality.
Plastic water storage solution at affordable rate , being sold for years by traders/wholesalers/dealers/distributors and c& f agents in brand name Sintex which is far superior than Polyfoam, Patton or other brands available in the market
Most affordable Sintex tank price available in all size and capacity at Kedia Polymer within 24 hours Giving certificates to authorised dealers
Kedia Polymer products are designed and developed in various patterns after closely looking into the latest market trends with our continued efforts to give utmost customer satisfaction, we have achieved many accomplishment.
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Safe water is a basic need and in today’s pollution prone environment, hygiene of water is essential. During summer we care about everything except the water scarcity typical of the time. Nowadays the shortage of drinking water is bound to the place where our home is located. There are some locations where the volume and pressure of water are insufficient for the correct supply of each house. That is why it is so important to have a water storage tank. Sintex water storage solutions deliver hight standards of hygiene at a reasonable cost. The triple layer water tank, an innovation that offers threefold protection along with Reno, RenoTuf, Reno G, Loft Tanks, Sumps, FRP, PUF and SMC panel tanks cover the entire range of water storage solutions. Sintex Plastics Division was started in the year 1975, and today we have the most diversified manufacturing capabilities in plastic processing in the world. At Sintex, we use our thinking to design products that let the world live a practical life. Our left brain works overtime to create products that are simple low on maintenance and long-lasting. When the world uses Sintex, it works. For life. Our products are designed to deliver simplicity. We put substance before style. It is the most sensible thing to do. Derived very much from the same left brain that tells us to think twice before doing anything. To not let emotions come in the way of a perfect solution. Because we don’t just make products.WE MAKE SENSE Kedia Polymer-Proud to be distributors of Sintex for Overhead tanks, Septic Tanks and Underground Tanks
Within 1 year of association with Berger paints, Kedia Polymers has become one of the leading distributors of Berger paints. Being one of the oldest and renowned companies in the paint industry, Berger paints is amongst the fastest growing companies which provides its customer with a vibrant portfolio of products. With our elaborate dealer network and their expertise in paints we are able to provide out customers best tailor made services in paint industry. We will be obliged to serve you with best of rates and enthusiasm.
Bio-Toilets from Sintex is a decomposition mechanized toilet system which decomposes Human Excretory Waste in the digester tank using specific high graded bacteria further converting it into methane and water, discharged further to the desired surface. Sintex manufactures and supplys lightweight septic tanks, aerated waterwater systems with pump chambers and pump stations. Our lightweight, aerated wastewater treatment plants are designed to process and recycle all domestic sewage and grey water effectively and in a sustainable way. Once the water has been treated it is suitable for irrigating landscape, shelterbelts and existing planted areas. We produce two types of domestic sewage treatment systems - SINTEX Septic Tank These septic tanks provide a simple, practical and efficient on-site alternative for managing household sewage disposal.
Tata Pipes has played an important role in this transformation in India. We were the first manufacturers of plumbing pipes in India leading to the modernization of the country. The increasing population, scarcity of land and resources and people moving from individual houses to multistory buildings has made Tata Pipes even more important in our lives as they are the true carriers of life. Tata Pipes for the conveyance applications are mainly used for carrying liquids and low pressure gases. Plumbing, Irrigation, Cold storage, HVAC, Firefighting and Idlers come under this application. As we move towards a generation that needs a sustainable growth, it becomes our responsibility to think green and follow environment friendly practices. Tata Pipes with its offering in the plumbing segment gets you pipes which have been made with the least CO2 emission. Tata Pipes being 100% recyclable and made from natural elements, do not harm the environment. Tata Pipes are environment friendly and have been reinforced with goodness of zinc for health. For Irrigation segment, Tata Pipes “Amrit Dhara” are the finest Borewell pipes in the country. High weight to length ratio ensures easy penetration in the ground; these high quality galvanized pipes are corrosion resistant powered by 360 GSM zinc coating and have an impeccable straightness of 1/600, attained from the special in house straitening machine in the Tata Steel Plant. Tata Pipes Amrit Dhara come with exact 14 threads and BIS approved sockets which grip perfectly with the pipes. HVAC or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Setups are must have units today. Best performing and low maintenance HVAC units have stringent quality requirements regarding steel pipes used in their construction. Even with corrosive elements all around and tough working conditions, 25 mm to 500 mm nominal bore Tata Pipes, conforming to IS 1239 and IS 3589, have been able to deliver performance beyond excellence in small, medium and large sized HVAC systems. Water has been the driving force for human civilization. Be it the Egyptian civilization, Indus valley civilization or the Chinese civilization, they have all been defined by the quest for water. Human societies have congregated near water bodies and it is the pipes that have made it possible for water to be carried to homes and make it possible for cities to be built away from the water bodies. Tata Pipes has played an important role in this transformation in India. We were the first manufacturers of plumbing pipes in India leading to the modernization of the country. The increasing population, scarcity of land and resources and people moving from individual houses to multistory buildings has made Tata Pipes even more important in our lives as they are the true carriers of life. For Tata Pipes, a meticulous manufacturing process with built in quality checks ensure that each pipe is of best quality. Tata Pipes have average 360 GSM zinc coating, better than IS 1239 spec to provide corrosion protection to the pipes.Plumbing applications require superior thread ability and this is provided in Tata Pipes with Boron+ steel. Keeping in view the demand for length standardization, Tata Pipes are now available in exact & uniform 6m and 3m lengths through authorized dealers across India Responsible growth with care and concern for the environment has always been Tata Steel’s way of work. Even amidst growing demands, Tata Pipes stands firm towards environmental commitments by using high quality in-house steel for all pipes making them environment friendly and safe as they are fire resistant. Tata Pipes require minimum maintenance and have thus become a natural choice in Plumbing application for plumbers, engineers, contractors, and house builders and corporate. The brand equity and market value associated with our steel tubes comes from the unquestioned faith on the quality of tubes coming from Tata Steel. Quality, therefore, becomes the focal point of all manufacturing operations carried out with respect to Tata Pipes. Complying with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, Tata steel Tubes SBU lays a great emphasis on the quality and all the tubes manufactured undergo various destructive and non-destructive quality assurance tests, to ensure product excellence. A continuous online Non Destructive Test involving Eddy current testing check the weld quality of every Tata Pipe, ensuring leak protection. Resting only on the laurels of certified NDT tests is never the case, as continuous improvements and quality checks is the way of life in Tata Pipes. Tubes from the production line are made to undergo a series of destructive tests such as Bending, Flattening, Drifting and Weld Macro Structure Examination. The sum of all the quality check activities constitutes the Quality Assurance that always goes along with steel tubes from Tata Steel.