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Source Water Tanks online from reputed Brands at best prices There are a number of brands in the water tank industry but none is like Sintex and these come in various colour options like black, blue, yellow etc. The triple layer tanks come with an extra layer of protection. Sintex Tanks : Sintex water tanks are rust proof, lightweight and a durable alternative to traditional water tanks. Sintex water tanks come at an affordable and budget friendly price and are available in various sizes. You are assured piece of mind with low maintenance requirement after installation. Sintex water tanks are tested and approved by leading laboratories, industries and institutions and are available in various capacities from 200 litres to 25, 000 litres. Larger capacity tanks can be supplied based on customised requirement. To refer to prices and pricelist of Sintex water tanks, browse through our Sintex Water Tank Collection. water tanks uses modern technology wherein three different parts are joined together and made into a single mould leading to a tougher long lasting solution. To refer to prices and pricelist of water tanks, browse through our Water Tank Collection. Largest Assortment of Water Tanks. Cheapest Price Guaranteed! In order to cater to the growing demand for online purchase of building materials and services, Kedia Polymer presents one of the largest ranges of construction material and home renovation products at reliable prices while ensuring genuine quality. Water Tanks buying is very convenient at Kedia POlymer. Select the brand of Water Tanks online and choose the relevant product based on the convenient filterable brand attributes and place your order at the indicated price. The various categories of products available in are overhead water tanks, underground water tanks (SUMPS), FRP water tanks, PUF insulated water tanks and Panel water tanks among others. You will receive genuine quality material at the pre-determined price at the right time at your indicated delivery spot. Why source your Storage Water Tanks online from Kedia Polymer only? Storage Water Tanks come in various product assortments and it can be daunting to evaluate product and price parameters. Consult Kedia Polymer for your buying requirements for the right Water Tanks pricing and we will ensure that you get the best help possible. Kedia Polymer is a one stop shop for all your building material and construction needs online and will do our best to help you procure your construction materials at the right price and quality.
Plastic water storage solution at affordable rate , being sold for years by traders/wholesalers/dealers/distributors and c& f agents in brand name Sintex which is far superior than Polyfoam, Patton or other brands available in the market
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